Thursday, April 30, 2015

Steve Scott Space Scout

Steve Scott Space Scout, 24 x 48,  oil on linen, detail

This is a detail of my painting  Steve Scott Space Scout. The painting will be shown at CK Contemporary Gallery.

Space Exploration. It was a busy time in the 1950's and our pop culture reflected it.

1952 -- Two Capuchin monkeys, Pat and Mike, and a pair of mice successfully recovered following a flight to 36 miles launched from Holloman Air Force Base.

 In this game Commander Steve Scott assigns his young Space Scouts exciting missions into outer space. The players  scout the universe, report on conditions, maintain outpost and police the planets.

The players must execute the orders as outlined on their Interplanetary Assignment Cards in addition to instructions on the Rocket Speed Indicator. The first player to complete his mission is the winner of the game.